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See what our patients are saying...

My association with SOUND ADVICE has been excellent. I had tried a competitive company previously and was not satisfied with the results. SOUND ADVICE was recommended by a friend, so I called for an appointment and was treated very courteously and professionally. The results have been outstanding and the service as well. I could not be more satisfied.


I want everyone to know what special people you all are. Over the last couple of years, I have met with Nathan over every kind of problem and question he has heard before a 1,000 times. He always is so patient and understanding. I feel like they are my family. Thank you for everything, Sound Advice."


"Sound Advice offers friendly and knowledgeable expertise in the fit and operation of hearing devices. Even though I originally went to another provider, the staff at Sound Advice won me over with their dedication and skill to fit me with the proper devices. They can help all ages of clients with varying needs!" -


"I am very satisfied with your help. The hearing aids have helped so much. You are very helpful and so very nice. My hearing aids have changed my life. You are always available. I have told some of my friends about your place."


"I spent too many years saying, "What" or "Pardon me" because I could not hear. Being in a crowd or going out to dinner was always frustrating because of the background noise. I could not participate in the conversating. My life changed when I found Nathan Lev and Sound Advice! I can now hear conversations, television, and my grandson when he talks to me. Nathan is always available when I have a question. He explains and answers all my questions so I can understand. My hearing aids have made my life much happier. I don't know why I waited so long."


"Sound Advice has provided both my husband and I with exceptional service. They provide quality service in a warm inviting atmosphere. I highly recommend Sound Advice."


"I put off getting hearing aids, thinking that they couldn't possibly help meall that much. Wow, was I wrong! I wish I had done this years ago. Thanks to "Sound Advice", I can hear all that I was missing. I have had tinnitus for over 40 years, not knowing that hearing aids would nearly eliminate the tinnitus. I wanted to cry, I was so happy."


"We have been to many offices to buy/service hearing aids. Nate Lev has been top notch in dealing with my kids. He is very honest and trust-worthy. Other offices try to up sell to more expensive hearing aids. We got exactly what we needed. In addition, the service has been great. Any issues, he has gotten us in that same day. I have recommended Sound Advice to everyone!"


"I have worn hearing aids for over 40 plus years. This is the greatest hearing aid sales and service I have ever had, here at Sound Advice. The atmosphere is friendly. You are not just a number among others in a waiting room; you are totally treated with utmost care and concern. They are truly interested in YOU!! I recommend Sound Advice to everyone who is thinking of purchasing hearing aids."


"When I realized I REALLY needed hearing aids, the important decision was, where to go. In the past I had been tested by several dispensers, but had not made a choice. I noticed an ad in the paper for Sound Advice, since advice was what I needed, I made an appointment. The owner met me in the parking lot because I had gotten lost. We introduced ourselves and he began my hearing test. He explained where my hearing loss was and how he could help me. My first choice was the least expensive and after a trial period I returned and said they wouldn't do. Next he tried a mid-priced one and after getting new ear molds I have been very happy and satisfied. That was four years ago, I have been back for adjustments but not with complaints. Soon I will be thinking about new aids and Sound Advice will, of course, be my choice."


"It has only been six days since you placed the Lyric hearing aids in my ears. I can tell you right now that Lyric aids are going to work for me. I love the sleep mode, can't even hear the neighbors dogs barking. When I get up in the morning I can read my paper, have my coffee in peace, then turn them on to the best sound I have heard in 10 years wearing various other devices. It is amazing that some sounds are quiet like my motor cycle and air compressor in my workshop while other sounds like voices, radio and T.V. are very clear just like natural hearing. Not having to remove them at night, misplace them, clean them or replace batteries is fantastic. I thank myself for calling your number and I thank-you for introducing me to Lyric."


"Nathan and his office staff have always been very courteous and professional in all my dealings with them. I have recommended Sound Advice to my co-workers."


"From the cheerful greeting upon entering the office, to a friendly "see you later", it was a most delightful experience. Everyone was extremely helpful. Someone cheerfully made me a cup of fresh coffee and then went out of their way to get me their wi-fi password so I could use my kindle while waiting. I came away glad I had come in."


"I wore in-the-canal hearing aids and they drove me crazy. About a month and a half ago, I went to get my hearing checked at Sound Advice. They prescribed just the right ones for my hearing. These hearing aids help me hear better and they don't drive me crazy. I am really enjoying them! Thank you Sound Advice for a good job."


"It was such a joy to meet you both! I so much appreciate the way you treated me when I was at your office. The hearing aids are working wonderfully! Thank you so much."


"I played in rock bands for 25 years, have the hearing of a 90 year old. My hearing aids were 10 years old, needed replacement, so I went back to the office where I got my last set. They quoted me retail on a much lesser quality set at 4 times what I wound up paying for my Phonak hearing aids (Swiss company), the finest made from my Google travels. If you want to talk to a hearing aid dispenser who will not rip you off, the company is Sound Advice, the owner is Nathan Lev, and his phone number is 579-1310. Nice guy, too! It's nice to hear my students!"